About House & Proud

Hi there! My name is Bert. I own a house. This is my house blog. Yes, I have a blurry face.

Why did I start this site?

Well, to be honest, it started as a bit of an idea during a lockdown in a certain period in history that we’d all rather forget.

The idea grew. My partner said, “Go for it. Why Not? Will anyone even read it?”

I said, “I bet they do.”

And the rest is, well not quite history, but present.

Why do I write about really specific topics?

Well, I get fed up watching youtube videos and reading blog posts that just barely touch upon the information that I want. I mean, if I want to know how to replace a T-Lock on an up-and-over garage door, I don’t really want to read something that talks in general about garage door locks.

Basically, I want the info, I don’t want a life story or a hundred paragraph description with stock photos.*

*Yes I get it – sometimes I do use stock photos but only when my hands are too grimy to take a picture myself, or it’s for something relatively unimportant.

Does this blog make money? 

Well, that’s the plan. I’m hoping that one day it might give me enough money to buy a round at the pub. Not quite there yet, but one day… 

Seriously, though, the site is peppered with affiliate links. This means that when you buy something via a link on the site I get a small bit of commish at no extra cost to you. This helps to pay to keep the site running as, believe it or not, that doesn’t come free! 

I hate those sites that recommend products that they blatantly haven’t used before. As a result, nothing I recommend or link to are things that I haven’t personally held in my hand before.  Occassionally, when a product I have used is not available in a particular country I may link to what looks to be the best comparable product in that location.

Where do I live?

Well, I’d like exact details to remain private. Safe to say, though, that I live in the UK.

Am I a building expert, tradesperson or professional of any sort?

Absolutely not. I am a competent amatuer at best – please take all the information I provide in this context. I write about things I know and have done myself, and publish it only for information and entertainment purposes.

For example, I’ve written an article on how I installed a garden water barrel using my garage guttering. Now, this is something I did myself, and took some photos of, and details the step by step process I used that could be used by someone else to install a water butt themselves. Does that mean, though, that its a fool-proof guide? No! There are going to be 100 and 1 differences between what I did for my unique context and what someone else would need to do for theirs.

Always get the advice of someone who knows what they are doing (i.e. a professional) if you are ever unsure before starting a project. Don’t do any DIY work unless you are 100% sure you’re not going to harm yourself, someone else or your property.

Bottom line – don’t expect that a random website on the internet is going to solve your exact DIY needs.

How to contact me

I’m not really sure why you might want to contact me. But, that said, who knows – there may be a reason. Every website has these contact pages on them, so I may as well join in!

I’ve got a “contact us” page that you can go to, fill out your details and then through the magic of the internet, I’ll get a message pinged my way.

How do you find the privacy policy?

The privacy policy of this website can be found here, and it details answers to questions you may have about how your data is used on this site.